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Southern Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

in Fulham, London


Meridionale which means "from the south" is a new concept purposely created to showcase our food culture. The team invites diners to relax in rustic, warm surrounds and celebrate all things Italian. With its pared back interior and casual atmosphere, customers are drawn back to Meridionale time again. Covering much of southern Italy's culinary culture, what you see here is the real deal. Fresh, top quality ingredients are blended to create genuine Italian fare, with the aim to take diners on a culinary journey through the Southern regions: think home made fresh pasta and Neapolitan pizzas, alongside fresh fish and seafood dishes. Starters include fresh mussels and creamy organic burrata served with Sicilian caponata. Main dishes of fresh Sardinian malloreddus with free-range sausage and pecorino, pan-fried fresh sea bass fillet, and slow cooked lamb shank all boast mouth-watering flavors. Gluten free pasta and pizzas are also on the menu. The team hails from the likes of Naples, Sardinia, Calabria and Sicily and we are highly passionate and knowledgeable about the food we serve.

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